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Nov 17, 2021PC
Jan 5th, 2022Nintendo Switch
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Feb 22nd, 2023XBO & XSX

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Play the role of a young alchemist apprentice who is unwillingly bound to an illegal spirit. Suddenly drawn into a war between humanity and magic, they must join a group of unlikely heroes to escape their own doom, hopefully saving the world along the way.

Arcadia Fallen is a Nordic inspired fantasy where roleplay and personal expression are in the front seat. It features a customizable protagonist and a dialogue system that allows players to shape their character’s personality as they play. Will you be shy? Bold? Or the one forever making jokes? Spend time with the cast of companions joining you on your journey, four of which you can romance (LGBTQ+ friendly), and if romance isn’t your thing, you can form meaningful and deep platonic relationships with everyone.

Players will also need to hone their skills as an alchemist to solve crises and assist their companions. These puzzles are easy to learn, but difficult to master, and those who put time into becoming expert alchemists can use it to change the course of the story.

The game features more than 4.5 hours of fully voiced dialogue by talents such as Laura Post (Persona 5: Royal, Fire Emblem: Engage) and Allegra Clark (Dragon Age: Inquisition, Genshin Impact), with voice direction by Philip Bache (Life Is Strange, Skyrim). The voice acting for the game was funded by a Kickstarter campaign in the summer of 2020, which managed to raise more than 240% of its original goal.


The world of Arcadia Fallen was originally conceived by Mette, who combined gorgeous Japanese-inspired anime aesthetics with enchanting Scandinavian storytelling. Accompanied by Daniel and Jesper, she sought to create a game that was about people rather than characters; where you are encouraged to be who you want to be, instead of who you need to be, in order to "win" the game.


  • Venture on a journey with no bad endings. Your decisions will never keep you from going on but may influence what you will have to endure before you reach your goal.
  • Dialogue options with tone labels. You decide whether your character is shy, bold, or the type to make a joke of any situation.
  • Whether you want to become a master of alchemy, engage in a romance, or discover the mysteries of the world; how you spend your time is up to you.
  • Create your alchemist in your own image or play out a fantasy.
  • You decide how traumatic events sculpt and grow your alchemist's personality. When faced with a tragedy, will you be benevolent, or will you be vengeful?
  • Spend time with your companions to build a deep platonic relationship or engage in a romance (LGBTQ+ friendly).
  • You decide how you want to romance someone.
  • Use your alchemy skills to solve crises, assist your companions, and change the world around you.
  • Take on powerful demons with your alchemy skills and the help of an ancient artifact.


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Awards & Accolades

Selected Articles

  • “The positive representation throughout the game was something to behold, and I can only hope to see more games that do the same.”
    — Audra Bowling, RPG Fan
  • “I honestly can’t tell you the specific thing about Arcadia Fallen that made me fall in love with it, but I can promise you that it’s a good time.”
    — Laura Borrayo, Gamer Escape
  • “Arcadia Fallen is one of those games you fully invest your time into, and then feel sad when it's over. With the amount of outcomes and potential endings this game has I definitely see myself picking it up time and time again.”
    — Kara Phillips-Ashman, KeenGamer
  • “I haven't played many games that gave me as much agency as Arcadia Fallen, and who doesn't want to be the hero (or anti-hero) of a fantasy story? Check this one out if you're looking for a game where you can really be yourself — or someone completely different!”
    — Maggie Jones, Nintendo Force Magazine — March/April 2022
  • “No sooner have you picked your character's name, gender, and pronouns than Arcadia Fallen thrusts you into a surprisingly complex fantasy adventure that at times feels like an unruly tabletop campaign.”
    — Malindy Hetfeld, PLAY Magazine — April 2023
  • “Arcadia Fallen is a visual novel that captures the camaraderie and derring-do of a D&D campaign with friends”
    — Dave Ozzy, TheXboxHub
  • “The sheer amount of freedom and liberating character choices makes Arcadia Fallen a title you can replay a dozen times and get various experiences with each playthrough!”
    — Aaron Curbelo, Honey's Anime
  • “Arcadia Fallen is a wonderful game with very well-thought-through underlying messages that are wrapped up in a branching narrative.”
    — Nathaniel Stevens, Digital Chumps
  • “I was enthralled by the backstory, which included information on the various magical beings and races, some of the people of legend that built schools and cities, and a light dose of the political/military structure of the region.”
    — CJ Lehr, LadiesGamers
  • “More than once I was jabbed right in the feels, and the game does a fantastic job of putting the player’s ideals to the test.”
    — Caelyn Ellis, Gayming Magazine
  • “Arcadia Fallen is a bit of a rarity. It manages to have great characters, a great plot, and enjoyable, immersive gameplay when many visual novels struggle to have all three.”
    — Sebastian Stoddard, Popzara Press
  • “Arcadia Fallen defies expectations; despite being the debut project of an untested indie studio fully funded by Kickstarter, it delivers on all its promises with a polished package that’s set to satisfy both its backers and the general gaming public.”
    — Jen Quest, Boston Bastard Brigade
  • “Arcadia Fallen has a world of mystery and fun to offer, and with it, it brings a brand new modern lease of life into the genre of visual novels.”
    — Jordan Kirkpatrick, Movies Games and Tech
  • “Arcadia Fallen has one of the most unique art directions I've seen in quite some time.”
    — Dennis Gagliardotto, The Gamers Lounge
  • “I cannot say that I have ever experienced a similar game to this one.”
    — Samuel Rivera, Never Ending Realm

About Galdra Studios

Galdra Studios is an award-winning indie studio based in Denmark that creates single-player games with genuine social interaction and where roleplay and personal expression are in the front seat.

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Arcadia Fallen Credits

Creative DirectorMette Jakobsen
Technical DirectorDaniel S. Christensen
Audio DirectorJesper J. F. Green
Programming & Game DesignDaniel S. Christensen
Narrative Design & WritingMette Jakobsen
Lead EditorKatie Benson
Additional EditingAshleigh Davidson
Character Design & IllistrationMette Jakobsen
Background ArtJosefine Overbeck
Additional ArtEdward Giurgiu
Tonni Tingholm
Music CompositionJesper J. F. Green
VocalistEmi Evans
LyricsJesper J. F. Green
Emi Evans
Sound DesignDaniel S. Christensen
Jesper J. F. Green
AnimationTonni Tingholm
StoryboardMette Jakobsen
Video EditingDaniel S. Christensen
Voice of MorganSean Chiplock
Erica Lindbeck
Voice of ElizabethKaren Strassman
Voice of RonanKyle McCarley
Voice of KimErica Mendez
Voice of QuinnErika Ishii
Voice of RuneChris Hackney
Voice of MimeSarah-Nicole Robles
Voice of VictoriaAllegra Clark
Voice of AletheaSecunda Wood
Voice of GoldnerBrad Davidorf
Voice of AnnLaura Post
Voice of MichaelAlejandro Saab
Voice of KaidanJoe Zieja
Additional VoicesSean Chiplock
Chris Hackney
Erica Lindbeck
Laura Post
Alejandro Saab
CastingJoe Zieja
Voice DirectorPhilip Bache
Voice EditingJesper J. F. Green
ProducerDaniel S. Christensen

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