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Seven years after the dramatic events in Anemone Valley, the political situation surrounding magic has reached boiling point within the Empire. At Seven Winds Academy, however, life goes on undisturbed by outside influences. Here, the students’ biggest worries are exams, job prospects, and who might be taking whom to the New Year’s Gala, but when a curious group of seniors stumble upon a secret hidden within the castle, their priorities for the year change in an instant...

In this sequel to the award-winning Roleplay Visual Novel, Arcadia Fallen, you play as a senior student at Seven Winds Academy. Choose from three different magical disciplines, and let your choices shape the personality of your character as they navigate school life during a time of great change.

Key story moments are further enhanced by our cast of enchanting voice actors, including many fantastic performers you may already be familiar with. Listen out for a couple of returning actors from the first Arcadia Fallen title.


The world of Arcadia Fallen was originally conceived by Mette, who combined gorgeous Japanese-inspired anime aesthetics with enchanting Scandinavian storytelling. Accompanied by Daniel and Jesper, she sought to create a game that was about people rather than characters; where you are encouraged to be who you want to be, instead of who you need to be, in order to "win" the game.


  • Fate has put you on this path and no matter the choices you make, fate will see you through to the story’s end. The journey to get there, however, can take many different forms.
  • How your character chooses to engage in conversations is up to you. Will you be a shy, straight-A student or a charismatic delinquent? Tone labels for every choice makes it easy for you to pick the option that suits you.
  • As a student at Seven Winds Academy, your grade determines what kind of work awaits you in the world outside of the school grounds. Depending on how you do in class, the number may rise or fall, together with some peoples’ opinion of you.
  • No true boarding school experience is complete without a bit of rule breaking! Sneak out at night with your friends and discover the secrets the old castle holds. If you’re daring, you might pick up some juicy gossip along the way.
  • Our character creator allows you to roleplay as yourself or play out a magical fantasy, offering a range of body types, looks, voices, and your choice of pronouns. Who will you become?
  • Minigames in each chapter let you interact with your surroundings in a variety of new ways, including stealthy sneaking, codebreaking, and simply having fun with your classmates.
  • The game will feature four romanceable companions.
  • The romances are LGBTQ+ friendly. Date whomever you wish, no matter how you choose to present in the game, or just stay friends if romance is not your thing.
  • Form deep platonic connections with all the companions you meet along the way, and help them with their troubles as the school year progresses.


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About Galdra Studios

Galdra Studios is an award-winning indie studio based in Denmark that creates single-player games with genuine social interaction and where roleplay and personal expression are in the front seat.

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Arcadia Fallen II Credits

Creative DirectorMette Jakobsen
Technical DirectorDaniel S. Christensen
Audio DirectorJesper J. F. Green
Programming & Game DesignDaniel S. Christensen
Narrative Design & WritingMette Jakobsen
Lead EditorKatie Benson
Character Design & IllistrationMette Jakobsen
Additional Character DesignJosefine Overbeck
Background ArtJosefine Overbeck
Music CompositionJesper J. F. Green
VocalistBrenna Larsen
LyricsJesper J. F. Green
Sound DesignJesper J. F. Green
Daniel S. Christensen
Video EditingJesper J. F. Green
Daniel S. Christensen
Voice of KimAndrew Russell
Voice of EliasA.J. Beckles
Voice of HannahBrenna Larsen
Voice of PukRhianna DeVries
CastingPhilip Bache
Voice DirectorPhilip Bache
Voice EditingJesper J. F. Green
ProducerDaniel S. Christensen

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